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What I Do

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself?

Do you ever wish you had the bandwidth to stop what you’re doing and focus 100% on growing your business?

Or… do you wish that you could quickly inject a dedicated and experienced resource into your executive team with a 100% track record of delivering business growth over 25 years and that could significantly grow your business with a few days or weeks of work?

I offer a range of services, focused on delivering business growth, backed by my technical and commercial experience.

You can get seasoned executive knowledge delivered as professional services in focused engagements of a few days or weeks when and where you need it.

Contact me directly to find out more.

Why I do it

“Why I do it” isn’t a statement we often hear in business.

That is interesting because why someone does something, is the most important thing we can know about what they do. It helps us to understand them and helps us to decide if they are a good fit to work with us.

I simply enjoy building growing businesses. It’s in my blood. There can’t be anything more rewarding in business than seeing a project or programme that you initiate and or deliver completely accelerate a business’s growth and take it to the next level.

Let’s work together to build your business.

About Me


I’m Robert Mitchell.
I have 25 years of experience adding shareholder value to SME sized businesses by: turning businesses around, implementing radical growth strategies, creating new sales channels, building new sales and enabling the business to deliver that growth.
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I can deliver tangible shareholder value right now for your business in a number of practical ways.
After a short discovery session I can present you with a competitive analysis of your business and your options for growth.
I can deliver, or help you to deliver, any requirements that you select as a strategic focus, or, I can help you to radically cut costs while retaining or improving productivity.


Consulting Packages

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The Poacher

Procurement Insight Package


get included in more tender processes


win more tenders


reduce the time and cost of tendering

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The Gamekeeper

Supplier Selection Package


get the best possible chance of
selecting the best possible suppliers


demistify the tech-speak to get to thefacts


solve the mysteries of: single vendor/best of breed/
prime vendor/fixed price/T&M/agile/waterfall etc.

The Poacher

Procurement Insight Package

Does your heart sink at the thought of competing in another uncertain tender?

Do you feel that your competitors are winning tenders that should rightly be yours?

Have you ever wanted insight into the procurement process?

I help companies to:

  • get included in more tenders
  • win more tenders
  • reduce the time and cost of tendering

I can deliver you a short, and affordable procurement insight package using a trusted format.

This starts with a set of requirements and then runs transparently through the stages of a formal and best practice tender process. The difference is that this time, you get to see how the procurement team’s decision making process works.

You will learn:

  • what your chances are of being included in a selection process, and if not, why not
  • which of your competitors would be included and why
  • how effective your marketing and advertising is
  • how easy or difficult you are to find for the services or products you are selling
  • who your close competitors are, and why
  • how your web presence appears to your prospects
  • how your brand appears to your prospects

The output is a slide deck and a presentation and:
The sourcing methodology including common criteria for inclusion and selection, the inclusion and selection choices, supplier exclusion, market research information, the vendor selection matrix, a brand positioning map and a SWOT analysis, where appropriate, comparing you to your competition specifically for the selected requirements.

This can then fully inform your sales marketing and tendering strategy.

You will discover everything you need to understand your effectiveness in the most critical part of your business, selling to large customers.

This is a simple and affordable package that requires a minimal briefing from you and your team.

Can you afford not to have it?

The Gamekeeper

Technology Procurement Package

Here is a comment that I heard recently

Computer software is the only industry where you can sell somebody something that doesn’t work then charge them more for making it work.

Do you feel that tech suppliers speak a different language?

Do you find that sourcing technology suppliers and services is hit and miss?

Are you frustrated that it seems impossible to gain commitments from your tech suppliers that you can rely on?

I help companies to:

  • Run a selection process that will give you the best possible chance of selecting the best possible supplier
  • solve the single vendor/best of breed/prime vendor/fixed price/ T&M/capped T&M/agile/waterfall/iterative/SCRUM etc. mysteries
  • identify risk at the early stages of a selection process
  • perform due diligence
  • get fixed price commitments from suppliers
  • build the requirements necessary to go to the market to get the best possible deal